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Our Services

It is our mission to improve the quality of life for adult clients by providing superior integrated behavioral healthcare services. Small Group Therapy is an innovative program providing services for adults with serious and persistent mental illness. A continuum of service provides a progression of movement from intensive to interdependence in the community. Our goal is to meet the needs, rights and desires of our clients in a supportive, therapeutic environment. Other treatment options include Medication Management, Transportation, Food Services, Financial Services, Employment Support, Co-occurring Assistance, and Disorders Screening.

Outpatient & Medical Services
Supportive psychiatric evaluation, treatment and supervision is provided by psychiatrists and by nurses, therapists, and other staff members who have had training specific to working with clients who have serious and persistent mental illnesses. Referrals are made, as needed, to appropriate physicians of the client's choice, as necessary.

Rehabilitative Day Program (Community Integration)
Skills Trainers provide a psychosocial day program. The program is geared toward assisting clients with activities of daily living to maintain their optimal levels of independent functioning and to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations. Opportunities are provided for participation in local and cultural events.

Intervention Specialist
Intervention Specialists assist clients by providing a myriad of services in the home, the community and in the psychosocial day program. These services may include counseling, assistance with medication compliance and monitoring, budgeting or providing assistance in obtaining benefits.

Crisis Intervention
A Mental Health Professional is 'on-call' and available by cell phone 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Interventions provided may include telephone counseling, face to face intervention, transportation, and/or pre-admission assessment for hospitalization.