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Small Group Therapy’s Community Housing Program provides 84 beds with various options of housing to individuals age 21 and older, who have been diagnosed with a serious and persistent mental illness and meet established admission criteria. Housing services are designed to restore and/or improve functioning, build resilience, and support the integration of the client served in the community. Personal privacy, security, and safety are promoted.

Fairweather Manor and Oakhill Site- Fairweather Manor and the Oakhill site are staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide the highest level of support and supervision. Fairweather Manor is a 23-bed Residential Care Facility. Clients residing there receive assistance from Certified Nursing Assistants with personal care needs including cleaning, laundry, personal hygiene, bathing, and medication assistance. The Oakhill site has 14 male beds and 9 female beds. Clients living there receive support in completing their own personal care tasks and Mental Health Paraprofessionals are on-site until 11:00pm to provide intervention and support as needed.

Group Homes- SGT currently has 2 female group homes and 3 male group homes. Clients are expected to share expenses and maintain their own group homes or “lodges”. The homes are not staffed, but MHPP staff provides regular visits in the homes and assist the clients as needed.

Springwood HUD apartments- SGT has 12 HUD apartments. These are considered to be the least restrictive level of care and clients residing in apartments are expected to be able to budget money appropriately, grocery shop, plan/prepare meals, care for personal care needs, and take medication independently. Clients continue to receive support and occasional visits from staff in order to be successful in this setting.